//Ski Protection

//Ski Protection

Megan Hughes

22 Nov 17

Summit Talisman Goggles

Megan Hughes

22 Nov 17

The Summit Talisman Goggles possesses Summit’s magneteyes technology, making it one of the fastest lens change systems in the world. With an eight point quick release magnetic lens change system, you can switch over to your low-light lens instantly when conditions change.

Summit Talisman Goggles Frame & Strap Features:

  • 8 Point Magnetic Lens Change System
  • 2018 Silicon Logos Prevent Fade or Wear
  • Triple Layer Fleece Lined Foam for Comfort
  • Minimalist Frameless Design
  • Ultra Light, Low Profile Frame
  • Silicon Lined Head Strap
  • Superior Panoramic View
  • Helmet Compatible
  • Double Adjustable Head Strap

Summit Talisman Goggles Lens Features:

  • 8 Point Magnetic Lens Change System
  • 2018 Bronze Lens Upgrade
  • 2018 Polarised Filter Eliminates Glare
  • Cylindrical Lens Provides Crystal Clear Vision
  • Lens Trigger To Ensure Rapid Lens Transitions
  • Full UV400
  • Anti-Fog Treated
  • Double Lenses

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