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Panda Ski Goggles

British ski goggle company, Panda Optics, launched in 2014 with a frameless and semi-frameless Polarised goggle that combines the very latest technology with innovative design.

There are two main designs Diablo, which is semi-frameless, and, Funnel, which is fully frameless, and both deflect snow away from the lens and prevents any build up.

Both models are have an easy and quick to change design to switch from polarised to low light lens and offer a wide angle view with no constriction of framed lens.  The RRP is £85.00

Every pair of goggles comes with a low light HD lens. Although polarised lenses will be perfect for most conditions when it is a complete white-out or extremely flat light PANDAS provide the very best vision for the conditions. Lenses have Guma® integrated technology and quick change lens systems on both the Funnel and Diablo range make swapping from your polarised lenses to the low light HD lenses quick and easy.

“Every pair of PANDA Optics goggles come with a REVO coated polarised lens and a tinted low light HD spherical lens, both have integrated GUMA anti-fog technology,” explains company founder Oliver Heath, adding, “Other featured technology includes fast change lens systems, helmet compatible (the FUNNEL range has “wide-rig” rotatable strap attachments making it a particularly good fit round an adult helmet), silicone triple wave inner strap lining (prevent straps moving once fitted to head/helmet/hat). TPU Frames, this is a virtually unbreakable, innovative material which is also resistant to fluctuation in temperature. Triple layer foam for comfort and the perfect fit, plus a micro fibre PANDA bag for storing and cleaning the goggles. Finally, GCF (glasses compatible frame) allow for our goggles to be worn over almost any prescription glasses.”

“As I’m sure you know, there is a delicate balance with goggles (and ski equipment in general) between quality and production cost. We have spent 3 years researching a number of aspects such as frame material, straps and grip, lens changing technology, anti-fog technology, helmet compatibility, low light vision…. and most importantly the production and value of polarised lenses”.


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