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//Ski Protection

Megan Hughes

11 Mar 19

Cab9 The Edge Sunglasses Review

Megan Hughes

11 Mar 19

With spring skiing conditions arriving in many resorts and others pledging to stay open into the summer months, it’s that time of the year when sunglasses are an integral part of any skier’s kit. Whether you prefer to wear glasses over goggles when skiing on sunnier days or you simply want to keep your eyes well protected at lunch or at après, it’s a good idea to have a quality pair of eyewear. The Edge from Cab9 are a new offering for snow sports fans and since first hearing about them, we were adamant that we wanted to get our hands on a pair to see if they really do live up to the hype. Long story short, they most definitely do.

Heralded as a ‘game changer’ for skiers and snowboarders, The Edge combines all the elements of other sunglasses you might love for action sports and brings them together in a stylish and snow sports-specific package.

With their fully UV protected Infrashield™ lens, Cab9 claim to protect your eyes as well as reduce eye fatigue. We all know that up on the slopes, where you are closer to the sun and surrounded by stark white snow, bright days can put your eyes under a lot of strain, so your eyewear really needs to provide the ultimate protection as well as allowing you the best possible vision without exhausting your eyes. I will admit that I was not immediately convinced on how well this lens would perform – having never previously found a pair of sunglasses that could provide the same level of comfort for my eyes as my go-to goggles on sunny days. However, The Edge may be the only sunglasses that could sway me towards glasses over goggles. It’s immediately noticeable how relaxed they allow your eyes to be, even in the brightest sunshine, and they are so comfortable that at times I even forgot I had them on.

This may be due to the TR90 frame, which at just 25grams is unobtrusive on the head, yet still provides an impressively large field of view. TR90 is a thermoplastic material that is incredibly lightweight, durable and flexible – the perfect combination for snow sports sunglasses. The flexible nature of the material means that these glasses are comfortable on any head shape, and also means that you don’t have that constant worry about a fragile frame breaking if you accidentally it or fall on a backpack carrying your precious glasses. In addition, the lenses are enhanced with extra scratch protection, so that you don’t have to panic if you realise you’ve left them in a pocket with your keys!

It seems that Cab9 have really thought of everything skiers and snowboarders might need when it comes to these glasses. Prior to this trip I had been using them around the city thanks to February’s impressive heatwave and I enjoyed the quality and look, however there are many additional features which takes The Edge above and beyond when you get them out on the slopes. For example, the rubber grab rails on the arms allow you to really easily grip the glasses and get them on and off even when wearing mittens – something I’ve never been able to do with previous glasses! Meanwhile, hydrophilic rubber non-slip contact pads mean that the glasses stay well put on your face even through the most active of runs, when the last thing you want is to have your glasses slip off your face and get lost in the snow.

Not only are The Edge some of the most practical ski sunglasses we’ve ever tried, they also look great and would be in no way out of place in cities or summer destinations. We absolutely love the mirrored lenses – we went for the classic blue, but you can also find them in Fire Red, Green, Smoke and Chrome.

For more information or to buy The Edge, head to: https://cab9eyewear.com/collections/the-edge-sunglasses


Price: £58.00

Infrashield™ Lens 

  • Infrared filter reduces eye fatigue
  • Polarised
  • High definition
  • Full UV protection
  • Extra scratch resistant

TR90 Frame 

  • Lightweight - Only 25 grams!
  • Ultra flexible - Adapts to fit wider head shapes
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Rubber grab rails on the arms for ease of handling in dynamic situations or when wearing gloves
  • Hydrophilic rubber non-slip contact pads

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