Cab9 The Edge



Megan Hughes

09 Dec 18

Glasses With Edge – A Game Changer for Snowsports Fans

Megan Hughes

09 Dec 18

On a sunny day, many snowsports fans opt for sunglasses rather than goggles. However, it’s notoriously tough to find a pair of sunnies that offer the highest-quality performance and protection at a budget-friendly price. Thankfully, the action-sport enthusiasts over at Cab9 have unveiled The Edge, sunglasses that look set to change the game for good. Stylish sunglasses that offer exceptional sports performance in mountain conditions, these are sure to be a must-have for this winter’s ski kit.

The Edge is the result of 12 months of expert research and development, followed by an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised €10,649 (around £9,485) in just 24 days.

Up in the mountains, you can be up to 2,000m closer to the sun, and your eyes deserve the best possible protection from harmful UV rays. The Edge’s polarised lens features not only full UV protection but also patented InfraShield™ technology. Acting as a heat shield for the eyes, this technology provides an additional layer of protection from the sun’s harmful rays, at the same time reducing eye fatigue. A welcome feature for skiers exposed to bright sunshine reflected off the snow for long periods of time!

Ultra-sharp definition with enhanced colours gives impressive clarity, meaning that you will see every bump coming, and we particularly enjoy the wraparound style, which gives an impressive field of vision.

Indeed, it’s not just the lens that makes The Edge a good choice for snowsports. The frame itself is also packed full of features. Made using TR90 material, which is not only very durable but also incredibly flexible, this is not a product you have to worry about accidentally snapping! This flexibility means that the fit moulds to your head, with no uncomfortable pressure points. TR90 is also very lightweight, meaning a pair of The Edge sunglasses weigh just 25g, perfect for slipping in your pocket.

Cab9 are a team of snowboard instructors who have been creating sunglasses since 2015. They live and breathe mountain sports, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. Cab9 are on a mission to bring snowsports fans good-quality sunglasses with advanced sports-performance features at a reasonable price, and if The Edge is anything to go by, it seems they’re doing a pretty great job.

The Edge features a matte black frame, and lenses are available in five colours: blue mirror, red mirror, green mirror, chrome mirror and smoke grey.