With its small to medium fit and trendy graphics, LAIKA is a fantastic choice for those looking for a non compromising goggle combining high-end technologies with the best look. A new addition to Bollé’s spherical Ultimate goggle range, LAIKA is available in no less than 10 fine-tuned combinations of graphics and lens options – including flash mirror coatings. This model features Phantom lens technology delivering the sharpest vision thanks to its mix of NXT® material for the best optics, high performance photochromic technology, and Low Temperature Sensitivity technology (LTS) to guarantee the photochromic performance whatever the temperature. Furthermore, LAIKA is also available with a Phantom+ option, a 50% polarization filter that protects from distracting glare without masking ice. Sporty, comfortable and performant, LAIKA will no doubt fit perfectly on your face and with your outfit.

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Price: £108 - £189


. Available with Photochromic Phantom Lens

. Wide field of view

. Equalizer™

. Double Lens

. P80+ Anti-fog

. Carbo-glas® Anti-Scratch

. 100% UVA/UVB Protection

. Flow Tech® Venting

. Triple Layer face foam

. Siliconised strap