Megan Hughes

28 Sep 17

Black Crows Daemon 2018 Ski Review

Megan Hughes

28 Sep 17

A new all mountain offering for the 2017/18 season, the Black Crows Daemon has been hailed as a ‘masterpiece’. But does it live up to the hype?

Indeed, this ski really shines off-piste, its 99m waist and soft tips allowing it to float really nicely.  This is enhanced by the the full reverse camber profile, allowing you to make turns easily across powder and giving increased manoeuvrability. They are light and lively through tree runs and pivot well in moguls.

However, on-piste is quite a different story. We found the Daemon very strange underfoot when it came to the groomed runs. The rocker on the ski means that the contact points are quite short so it is slightly more difficult to handle on the piste. You needed to really lean it over to fully engage the ski.

Furthermore, it did not feel stable on the flat because of the full reverse camber. While this is great in the powder, it is not ideal on the piste.

This lack of stability is enhanced by unimpressive edge hold in tougher conditions. We found that the Daemon doesn’t hold an edge if it’s anywhere near hard pack, which can affect your confidence and subsequently your technique.

Black Crows Daemon Ski Review

If you are looking for a ski to really boost your confidence on piste, there are better options out there than the Black Crows Daemon. As an all mountain option however it does what it says on the tin. It may not excel on piste, but it is a great companion underfoot across more challenging terrains. If you’re looking for a ski to take you on an adventure away from the piste, the Black Crows Daemon may well be the ski for you.

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Price: £560
Aimed at: Expert Skiers


Size (cm) 170 177 183 188
Tip Width (mm) 129 131 132 133
Waist Width (mm) 99 99 99 99
Tail Width (mm) 117 119 120 122
Turning Radius (m) 20 20 20 20

Testing Scores

Edge Hold 5
Responsiveness 6
Versatility 7
Off-piste 8
On-piste 5
Overall Performance 7