Megan Hughes

28 Sep 17

Black Crows Camox 2018 Ski Review

Megan Hughes

28 Sep 17

A very fun, responsive, and lively all mountain ski, the Black Crows Camox demonstrates all the reasons why Black Crows is such a successful brand.

This is a really easy ski to turn and maintains this ease across terrains with incredible versatility. A very playful ski through bumps and jumps, it would be good for a lot of skiers looking for that one ski to partner them across all areas of the mountain.

It is confident through trees and crud, and its 97mm waist and dual rocker mean that it handles off-piste extremely well. It floats across soft snow and remains easy to turn even in the most difficult of conditions.

Black Crows Camox Ski Review

While it takes terrains and conditions in its stride, there is one area where this ski doesn’t feel quite so stable. While it excels at low to mid speed, at high speed it can feel slightly less controlled. It is not unmanageable by any means, it’s just not the most stable ski when you crank up the speed. It still produces more than adequate carving and turns very well, but you can feel that the Camox prefers the slower pace.

This is a great ski for an adventurous all mountain skier looking for a reliable, versatile underfoot companion.

Not to mention the Black Crows graphic design this year is pretty awesome. This particular ski comes in an eye-catching orange that is sure to make you the centre of attention on the mountain.

Ladies – if you fancy checking out the Black Crows Camox Birdie, click here.


Price: £540
Aimed at: Advanced Skiers


Size (cm) 174 181 186
Tip Width (mm) 125 127 130
Waist Width (mm) 97 97 97
Tail Width (mm) 112 114 115
Turning Radius (m) 18 18 18


Testing Scores

Edge Hold 7
Responsiveness 9
Versatility 8
Off-piste 8
On-piste 7
Overall Performance 8