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//Indoor Snow

Detailed Plans For Middlesbrough Indoor Snow Centre Submitted

Patrick Thorne

03 Dec 19

Detailed plans to build what would be the UK’s seventh or eighth indoor snow centre have been submitted to Middlesbrough Council.

The £30m ‘Subzero’ snow centre was first announced a little over five years ago in late summer 2014 with outline planning granted several years ago. There have been several proposed construction start and completion dates announced by the company behind the project, Cool Runnings, in the interim that have since passed, but making a detailed planning request appears to be a major step forward. and if approved by Middlesbrough Council, the new anticipated opening date is during 2022.


The complex is planned for a seven-acre brownfield site and the slope, which would be England’s most northerly to date, would have a 165 metre long main slope as well as a nursery slope.  The facility would also house shops and restaurants.

The complex has been designed by FaulknerBrowns Architects who are behind the design of a number of the UK’s six existing indoor snow centres and a seventh at Swindon which has also been delayed but is believed to be progressing.