Patrick Thorne

07 Sep 21

Bears Move Into South Lake Tahoe as People Move Out

Patrick Thorne

07 Sep 21

What appears to have been a fairly large number of bears have moved into the ski resort town of South Lake Tahoe in California, during its evacuation because of a huge forest fire.

The town is located beneath Heavenly ski resort. It’s 22,000 inhabitants were ordered to leave last week as a huge forest fire advanced at high speed towards the town, driven in by strong winds.

However, as people left animals moved in, to forage for food and find sanctuary from the flames themselves as thousands of fire fighters sought to protect the town.

The Caldor fire remains a threat to the town, fire chiefs warn, but the evacuation status is no longer mandatory and people have begun returning to their homes – finding much of the town a mess due to debris left by the bears.

One cabin owner watched on a remote video camera link as four bears attempted to break in and police reported over a dozen calls from people concerned about bear behaviour.  A coyote was also spotted on South Lake Tahoe streets by fire fighters.

“The delicate balance between humans and bears has been upset and anyone who thinks a bear may have entered their home should call law enforcement,” El Dorado County sheriff’s Sgt. Simon Brown told local media.

Image credit: Photo by Rasmus Svinding from Pexels