Megan Hughes

14 Dec 19

Adventure Awaits in SalzburgerLand

Megan Hughes

14 Dec 19

Whatever your age or experience, winter in SalzburgerLand is a truly magical experience. Glistening snow blankets the valleys as far as the eye can see, birds soar among the mountain peaks, the sounds of children laughing as they fly past on wooden sledges breaks the silence. It may seem like a dream, or a scene from a Christmas movie, but no. This is winter in SalzburgerLand.

As soon as the days shorten and the very first snowflakes fall from the sky and settle over the mountains, you just know that wonderful wintertime has arrived here. The excitement this brings is palpable as the area awaits the first visitors to its freshly prepared pistes.

But winter here is not just about the fun on the slopes. Indeed, in recent years, ski holidays have evolved and so too has winter in SalzburgerLand.

Gone are the days of skiing relentlessly, all day every day. Winter holidaymakers are increasingly looking for more unique and memorable ways to spend their time in the mountains, often happy to sacrifice a few hours on their skis to try something a little different. And with direct flights from the UK to Salzburg, SalzburgerLand is the perfect place to find your new favourite winter adventure.


One of the oldest and most cherished winter sports in the Alps, sledging has never failed to entertain those of all ages. Historically, sledges were used by residents of SalzburgerLand to reach the bottom of the valley or to transport heavy goods. Nowadays, tobogganing remains a popular entertainment here, with a wide variety of sledging runs including the world’s longest floodlit toboggan run(14km!) in the Wildkogel-Arena.


For unrivalled romance and quiet tranquility, take a snowshoe walk through a frozen winter wonderland. Guided torchlight hikes or excursions with National Park Rangers in the Rauriser Forest are particularly special, with wild animal feeding and lonely walks or romantic horse-drawn carriage rides also available. We can certainly think of worse ways to spend an hour or two.

Ice Climbing & Diving

Hungry for more adrenaline than you’ve been getting on the slopes? Get an ice-cold adrenaline kick with ice climbing or ice diving! Scale the dizzying heights of thickly iced waterfalls, feeling like a true mountaineer with your crampons and ice pick – all under the eye of an experienced guide, of course! Or, experience the incredible depths of the crystal-clear winter water in the Salzburg lakes. A truly breathtaking environment that you are sure to remember for the rest of your life.


If you’re travelling in a larger group, there’s no better way to spend an evening than curling. Not only does this unique sport stem from a centuries-old tradition, but it is a whole lot of fun. Head to a frozen pond or lake or a custom-made lane to take on your friends in a great social setting.