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Megan Hughes

13 Dec 21

5 Reasons to Take a Short Ski Break This Winter

Megan Hughes

13 Dec 21

We explore the reasons a short ski break offers the perfect way to maximise your mountain time this winter.

In the strange, strange world that we’ve all been living in since 2019, it can be hard to know anything for certain. However, there’s one thing we do know – we all miss the mountains!

After a couple of years away from the slopes, we’re all hoping to get as much mountain time in as possible this winter and a short ski break is the perfect way to make this happen. Here’s why…

1. Great Value for Money

Now, we all know that ski holidays aren’t always the cheapest of getaways… But if you know where (and when) to look, you can find a ski break that offers incredible value for money.

Firstly, flights are generally cheaper when you’re not opting for a typical Saturday – Saturday schedule, meaning you can find some exceptional deals.

Or, if you fancy taking away all the stress of finding flights, transfers and accommodation yourself, why not let a dedicated ski company do it for you?! Many skiers may assume that companies like Inghams only offer the traditional week-long ski holidays, but that is simply not the case. Inghams actually offer some of the best short break ski deals around, with impressive value four and five-night stays in some of the world’s top ski areas.

They’ve got some epic deals available at the moment, with prices from as low as £299 per person. We’d get in there quick as we don’t think deals like that will be around for long!

2. No Better Way to Spend a Few Days Off!

We all need a long weekend now and then, especially after the last couple of years! But why spend your precious time off lounging around on the sofa when you could spend it basking in Alpine sunshine, enjoying fresh powder or carving down perfectly pristine slopes?!

What’s more, you’ll often be enjoying the best conditions in relative privacy, as shorter ski breaks do not operate to the same schedule as the weekly majority of ski holidays. While they are spending the weekend days on transfer buses, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of the ski area without the crowds. No lift queues? more time on your skis. Powder day? Fresh tracks all day long. Do we need to go on?!

3. Flexibility – Perfect for Those Tight on Time

One of the main draws of a shorter ski break is that for those short on time (or leave) this winter, it provides the ultimate chance to enjoy the maximum time on the slopes at the least inconvenience.

We can’t all take weeks upon weeks of holiday, as much as we might want to this winter! So a short ski break is the perfect way to fit in a second (heck – maybe even a third!) ski trip into your schedule this season.

What’s more, on a short break, you tend to get far more opportunity to ski, thanks to quieter roads, airports and slopes! Indeed, some of the world’s best ski areas are easily reached from the UK in just a few hours, such as the famous Portes du Soleil and the huge 3 Valleés, so this gives you ample time to explore the best these areas have to offer.

4. Because This Season, One Ski Holiday is Not Enough!

Let’s face it, we’re all getting serious ski cravings right about now. For the luckiest amongst us, it’s been almost a year since you’ve hit the slopes. For the unluckiest, it’s been two, three – maybe even four! The past few years have seen skiers miss out on countless ski trips and experiences, each one bringing with it a new pang of longing for those unparalleled vistas and Alpine atmospheres.

So, now that we can get back to the slopes, it’s unsurprising that this winter, many of us aren’t going to be satisfied with just one ski holiday.

The variety and value of short ski breaks, such as these incredible offers from Inghams, means everyone can have the opportunity to squeeze in more mountain time this winter. Lord knows we need it!

5. A Chance to Catch the Best Snow

A short ski break, particularly one in the snow-sure months of January and February, can give you an opportunity to catch the seasons’ best snow, without losing out on your classic Christmas or half-term holiday.

It’s undeniable that mid-season snowfall is often the best you’ll see, especially in the Alps. Cold temperatures combined with wintery weather systems make these months highly reliable pick for those looking for powder and piste perfection.

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