Megan Hughes

23 May 19

5 Killer Reasons To Book Your Next Ski Holiday Now

Megan Hughes

23 May 19

So the days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger and yet another winter season has been and gone, It’s enough to make any snow-lover wallow in self-pity… but it doesn’t have to be that way!

The start of summer is the perfect time to ensure that next year’s ski holiday is your best yet, with the benefits from early booking ranging from increased choice to the most impressive deals, allowing you to secure your perfect ski holiday.


We all know how utterly gutting it can be when you find your perfect chalet or hotel, only to discover that it doesn’t have availability for your number of guests or your preferred dates.

Booking early means that you avoid this problem completely and can take your pick of all the best accommodation options.

Next year, this is key for British families to consider, as the majority of schools in the UK are set to have the same week off for February half term.

Family ski holidays are some of the most precious experiences you can have as a family and allow you to share your love of the mountains. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that half term holidays are undeniably some of the most popular weeks of the season as families hit the slopes for a getaway to remember.

Usually, half term holidays are spread over two weeks, with some schools off on the first week and others on the second. However, in 2020, all schools are in store to have the same one week for half term, meaning that an already popular holiday period is going to get even busier.

Not only will this affect flight availability (and price) but it will also have a major impact on larger groups’ ability to book whole chalets, or those who are after specific rooms in a chalet or hotel.

What’s more, holiday deals with most major companies will be extremely competitive, so it’s massively important to get in there early to ensure you get the best holiday options.

More Choice

Not only does booking early mean that you will have more choice when it comes to accommodation, location and flight availability, it means more choice in all areas of your ski holiday.

Booking early puts you in a much better position to get all the options you desire, from choosing your perfect seats on the plane, ensuring your entire family or group is sat together, to getting the best ski hire deals.

This is also highly beneficial if you are booking ski school, whether for yourself or your child, as although many people do not anticipate it, ski schools can get full up, particularly in peak weeks.

This means that if you rock up expecting to sort ski school when in resort, or go to book lessons a couple of weeks before you arrive assuming there will be a wealth of availability, you may be very disappointed and have to spend your time figuring out another plan of action.

Early booking not only ensures that you are guaranteed a place in ski school, but also means that if you have preferences when it comes to timings or session length, you are more likely to succeed in securing these.

Better Deals

It’s often said that the early bird gets the worm and this has never been more true than when it comes to ski holidays.

Of course, we all know that one person that swears by getting a last-minute deal – waiting until two days before their desired departure date to book their holiday. Not only is this just not possible for the majority of us, it also doesn’t guarantee the best rates and can end up with you being forced to visit a resort you really don’t fancy.

Booking early means that you can guarantee a holiday to your dream resort, with the best possible deal.

This is particularly important for anyone wanting to ski in North America next season. With stunning, world-class resorts, incredible powder and an unbeatable friendly atmosphere, skiing in North America is something all snow sports fans should experience.

Generally, holidays across the pond are significantly more expensive than popping over to Europe,  but with early booking deals, a transatlantic ski holiday becomes increasingly affordable.

The early booking deals here are often the best you will get all year round and can turn skiing in the North America from a bucket-list experience to a done deal. From accommodation to even lift passes, you could be looking at savings of up to 60% off the regular holiday price when you book before 30th June.

It Will Keep You Going Through Summer

If, like us, you’re struggling with the idea of several months off your skis or snowboard, booking your ski holiday now may be the best way to keep your winter spirit up!

While the many indoor snow centres and outdoor ski slopes in the UK are fantastic at keeping ski cravings at bay during the warmer months, nothing can compare to the feeling of reaching the top of that first chairlift of winter, setting off on your first run amidst spectacular snow-capped mountain scenery and knowing that your coming week consists of Alpine adventure, quality outdoor experiences and fantastic food to top it all off.

Booking now will give you something to look forward to and will give the whole group, or family, something to build excitement for. The earlier you book, the longer you have to get excited! Not to mention longer to plan your trip and make sure your entire holiday is perfect.

More Flexible Payment Options

Convinced but still concerned as to the ability of your summer budget to withstand the cost of a ski holiday? Never fear!

One of the advantages of booking early is that many tour operators allow you to easily spread the cost of your holiday throughout the year. You simply need to pay a deposit up front, with the final balance not due until much closer to the holiday.

This way, you can choose to pay monthly amounts, budget in a number of block payments, or simply wait until winter rolls around to pay off your ski holiday. This is more flexible and much less stressful than having to simply pay everything up front, so there’s no surprise that it’s a key factor in booking early for many people!

So, what are you waiting for? To gain all the benefits of booking your ski holiday early this year, head to destinationski.com