World’s Longest Indoor Snow Slope Subsiding

Reports from Germany say that the world’s longest indoor snow slope, the Alpincenter Bottrop, is subsiding.

Built on a huge mining spoil heap created by the former Prosper colliery in Germany’s Ruhr Valley industrial heartland, the facility with its 640m-long, 24% gradient indoor slope has, reports say, “been slipping slowly for years.”

Plans to stabilise the structure by bringing in 400,000m3 of a spoil mixture have not proved popular with locals who fear the moves could endanger health.

The problem at the 15-year-old centre is not new; roof supports were reinforced in 2011 after measurements indicated subsidence.

In a move to signify the transition from coal to clean green energy, almost all of Alpincenter Bottrop’s vast roof is covered in solar panels generating clean power to provide refrigeration and other power for the complex.