Tschuggen Grand Unveils New Private Funicular For Skiers

There’ll be a new attraction for skiers at the Tschuggen Grand hotel in Arosa, Switzerland’s ‘Private Mountain’ opening event this November.

Since 2009 guests of The Tschuggen Grand have been able to use a remarkable private mini-funicular railway to whisk them from the hotel the short distance to the slopes.

Now the hotel has unveiled an improved version of the lift which a spokesperson say is even faster and more comfortable than the fast and comfortable original.

The lift comprises two linked six-seater cabins.  A little like luxurious gondola cabins, but on rails.  A special lift pass for hotel guests only calls the lift to its mini station by the hotel, if it is not already waiting there, and guests board for the two-and-a-half minute ride up to the ski slopes.

The lift travels a little over 500 metres on an undulating rail line which averages a 17 degree pitch although some sections are steeper, others less steep.  It climbs 154 vertical metres from the hotel at 1850m above sea level to deposit skiers and boarders up on the slopes at 2004 metres.

With the original cabins (above) the six-chairs tilt to keep the passenger level, with the new design the whole cabin, which is round in shape sitting in a cradle, stays horizontal regardless of the angle of the track.

The lift can also be used to access a fun-filled traditional toboggan run back to the hotel with toboggan’s available to borrow from the hotel.

Guests of the Tschuggen Grand have exclusive use of Arosa’s ski slopes for a preview weekend known as ‘Private Mountain’ which this year runs from 29 November to 2 December 2018.