Tour Operator Survey Reveals 84% of Clients Plan To Ski Next Season

Patrick Thorne

02 Jun 20

A survey by a ski holiday company in to whether its clients feel confident that they’ll ski next season has revealed 84% of respondents think they will.

French Alps specialist tour operator Peak Retreats contacted more than 2,100 people from its client database last week (26/5-1/6/20) to determine attitudes towards future travel for the approaching summer and winter seasons.

 “The results indicate that 18% of respondents are looking at more than one ski trip next season. This could be those who are looking to make up for holidays missed at the end of the 2019/20 winter season or it could indicate a wider shift to a ‘carpe diem’ mentality with skiers wanting to make the most of the season,” said the company’s Hannah Jones, who also commented on the 84% figure, “It’s never 100% as a small proportion don’t ski every year.”

The survey also looked at atitudes to travel to France this summer and found around 31% of respondents still hoped to travel to France this summer – the majority (two thirds) in August or September.  However about a third of respondents said they expected to holiday in the UK with 30% more planning to holiday in the UK than had planned to had the pandemic not occurred.

Of the reasons given for not wanting to travel abroad, feeling unsafe enough in respect of catching coronavirus was only the 4th most important reason, with 23% of respondents. The worry that quarantine may be applicable on return was the main reason stopping 46% of respondents, tied jointly with “too much uncertainty.” That the UK Government’s advice strongly advising against travelling abroad might remain in place concerned 28% of people responding.

Peak Retreats are keen to stress that they are taking bookings for next winter and say they have  many early booking offers available and additional nights (8 for the price of 7) at selected dates.

Those booking with the company before the end of this month benefit from a low deposit, as well as flexible terms, with free cancellation up until 17th October 2020. Holidays include travel by Eurotunnel, with a free FlexiPlus upgrade on most dates.