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Struggling to ski because of knee or hip pain? Then Ski-Mojo is the answer

Want to ski more, but feel limited by your physical abilities due to injury or ageing limbs? If that’s the case, then there is an answer.

It’s called the Ski-Mojo.

Ever since its launch in 2007 the Ski-Mojo has been helping people ski for longer and enjoy holidays they might not have taken otherwise. Endorsed by professional skiers too, the ‘Mojo’, as it has become known to its fans, is used by all levels of skiers, from intermediates to experts.

Former British Team ski racer turned ski instructor, Ashley Kay, understands the benefits for him and his clients and says, ‘the Ski-Mojo is a fabulous piece of kit. It’s life changing for people with knee or muscular problems – they can ski for longer and ski even better with super powered thighs!’

And he’s not the only fan – recently World Champion skier Luc Alphand tried the Ski Mojo for himself as you can see from the picture below taken in Serre Chevalier during April 2015.

Luc Alphand Ski-Mojo

But how does it work?

Ski-Mojo uses spring recoil technology to take up to a third of the strain off the legs and knees by providing kinetic energy to assist leg extension. It supplements the power of the leg muscles, in turn reducing impact, delaying muscle fatigue and alleviating leg and knee pain. The Ski Mojo works like an exoskeleton for the legs that fit with a lightweight harness with neoprene knee supports that contain powerful springs. It IS possible to enjoy skiing with bad knees.

Easy to fit in about two minutes and comfortable to wear, once on you can forget about it and get on with your skiing. When getting on a chairlift or gondola (in fact sitting down at all) you simply flick a switch to turn the spring off completely – this is the moment you realise the support you get from the Ski-Mojo.

Normally the Ski-Mojo is worn over the top of your base layer pants and underneath your ski pants. It’s almost impossible to notice you’re wearing the Ski-Mojo once it’s on and should you wish to keep it a secret then you can.

Apart from supporting your limbs and making it easier to ski if you’ve had knee or hip problems, the Ski-Mojo can also enhance your skiing. Imagine improving your leg strength by around 30% in the gym – you’d be much more powerful on skis and this is what the Ski-Mojo provides in an instant. You’ll feel better edge grip, especially on hard packed snow, more control in your turns and the ability to ski off-piste for longer without the burning sensation in your legs most people feel. This means safer skiing too as many accidents happen when skiers are tired at the end of the day.

There are many fans of the Ski-Mojo and they wouldn’t do without it – ski holidays were once considered a thing of the past for many, but the Ski-Mojo has given them a new lease of life to continue a pastime they enjoy. Here are some of their comments….

Dr McManner

I am 54 years old working as a full time GP. From 2002 gradually skiing became more and more painful and investigations revealed I have extensive osteoarthritis in both knees.

By 2008 a skiing holiday consisted of one or two very painful slow runs in the morning and then one or two painful slow runs in the afternoon before slowly returning to the resort.

Then I heard about the ski-mojo and used it in Zermatt for the first time in March 2009. To say it was an improvement is a gross understatement, it was an absolute revelation.

I was able to ski the entire week without difficulties or cumulative fatigue. It took only a single run to adapt to the wonderful support provided by the ski-mojo, the sensation when skiing with a ski-mojo is quite excellent, best described as weighing one third of your normal weight with skis that seem glued to the snow. There is no loss of control, indeed if anything control is enhanced particularly on ice as the springs adapt to chattering across ridges much faster than your muscles can.

John H

I have just returned from a ski holiday in Breckenridge where I tried the ski-mojo for the first time.

On the first run the device felt a bit strange but by the second run it became less obvious that I was wearing the equipment at all. I then skied for four hours and realised that I had skied every run from top to bottom none stop without any adverse effect on my thighs what so ever.

In the following 8 days I went from strength to strength skiing faster, stronger and with more style than I had ever skied in my life. I have been skiing for over 30 years and now approaching 60 years of age.

The ski~mojo now enables me to ski better than I have ever skied with little or no strain on my legs and I feel I can go on all day until the lifts close. Without a doubt this is the best spent money I have ever laid out on a piece of ski-kit.

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