Snow Reports

Here's a view of the latest snow conditions across the alps and beyond. We will bring you detailed snow reports and ski conditions in France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland as well as North America and Canada. You will also regularly find snow reports from across the rest of the world, including Japan, New Zealand and South and when not happens!

Snow Report Austria

We have some great snow reports for Austria here, including real skiers video reporting on live snow conditions in many Austrian Resorts. We aim to provide more and more ski conditions across Austrian resorts as we build our network of snow reporters across the globe!

Latest Snow Conditions Austria

Snow Report France

Here we have daily and weekly snow reports for the French Alps. We produce a detailed weekly snow report for French ski resorts as well as video based reports from partners in resort giving us live reports on ski conditions in French Ski Resorts. So keep an eye on this page!

Latest Snow Conditions France

Snow Report Italy

We love reporting on ski conditions in Italy as it usually involves the sunshine! So watch this space for our weekly snow bulletin covering snow conditions across Italy and videos reports from live reporters giving us real updates on snow conditions in italian resorts.

Latest Snow Conditions Italy

Snow Report Switzerland

Here you will find snow reports for Switzerland as well as partners reporting on ski conditions across many of Switzerlands best ski resorts. We also provide a weekly roundup of snow conditions in Switzerland in our detailed manually produced snow report by The Snowhunter Patrick Thorne.

Latest Snow Conditions Switzerland

Snow Report North America

We produce a weekly update on snow conditions in North America and Canada…and let’s be honest it’s usually pretty good reading over there! Everyone loves to read a snow report on North American Resorts if only to have a little dream! So take a look and when we can we get our in resort reporters to give us a video update on ski conditions and your favourite resorts across the pond.

Latest Snow Conditions North America

Snow Report Rest of the world

As our editor the Snowhunter has researched over 6500 dki resprt around the world we needed a ‘ Rest of the world category” so from snow conditions in Slovakia, snowfall in Bulgaria and ski conditions in Alaska to New Zealand and even Iran, here you will find snow resports for the rest of the skiing world! Enjoy…

Latest Snow Conditions Rest of the world

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