What to Expect This Winter

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The ski seasons in the pandemic have been quite a roller coaster and it has been difficult for skiers and indeed for resorts and travel companies to plan as the rules kept changing.

The good news is that, although we have learned since March 2020 to never take anything for granted, the direction of travel appears to be good with restrictions easing on both sides of the Channel.

Of course, French ski resorts continue to err on the side of caution. It is very difficult to travel if you are not fully vaccinated and social distancing, mask wearing, hand sanitising and showing your vaccine status to enter public places, including ski lifts, remains the norm, but these are usually small inconveniences in order to get back on the slopes!

What to Expect This Winter

Where to Get the Latest Advice

The French government maintain a web page here with details of the current rules for travel to France.

The UK government also have their own French travel advice page here.

The UK government also recommends you look at the Travel Health Pro website.

A number of leading tour operators also maintain ‘COVID Info Hubs’ on their websites which keep up to date on any requirements to socially distance, wear a mask or show your vaccine passport.

You can find advice on them whether you are travelling with the company or not.

This is the Inghams Hub.

This is the Crystal Hub (Click on the link to the latest PDF update of rules)

What to Expect This Winter