Skiing in 2022

If you’re thinking about taking a ski holiday this winter (or next!) you’re in the right place. Here at InTheSnow, we’ve teamed up with the winter travel experts over at Inghams Ski Holidays to bring you the ultimate guide to skiing in 2022.

Though the ski season is in a far better place than it was last year, travel is still a confusing topic to many people. What tests do I need? What forms should I fill out? Which resorts are best if I want to steer clear of the crowds?

So, we’ve created this bespoke guide to skiing in 2022, telling you all you need to know about travel, bringing you all the best deals for this season (and next, if you’re perhaps not ready to travel yet) and, of course, giving you some serious ski destination inspiration!

Elevate your winter with Inghams –