Ski Slope Named In Memory of World’s Oldest Skier

A ski slope has been named in honour of Lou Batori, believed to have been the world’s oldest skier, who died in February at the age of 107.  Lou had been skiing last season at the age of 106.

In recent years he skied at Crystal Mountain in Michigan where he was famously the only person to have a reserved parking space. It is here that the slope has been named in his honour.

The slope has been named “Cheers to Lou.”

Having learned to ski as a child on homemade wooden skis in Europe, Mr Batori is believed to have been a skier for almost 100 years.

“He’s just a genuinely great person and an inspiration. To be as active as he is for as long as he has been, it’s an amazing thing to behold. He’s just a genuinely nice person to be around,” said Brian Lawson, director of public relations at Crystal Mountain in February.

Speaking about his father, his stepson Ward said, “He was born in Transylvania “second son of a second son” of the Baron Batory. Normally, he would have no chance but due to longevity he would have been the Baron if there were still a barony.”

When asked about his longevity in a TV interview in 2011 Lou said the key is a good wife, only drinking the best quality liquor and picking your parents carefully.

“Waiting to be carted away is a stupid waste of life,” he said in July of 2015. “You can replace anything – your shoes, your house, your belongings. But you cannot replace time…so make the best of it.”