How To Make The Most Of Your Ski Rentals

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Whilst ski hire shops will generally do all they can to get you the best skis, there are a few things that you can do to ensure you make the most of your ski rentals.

Make Your Preferences Clear

Ski hire shop staff aren’t mind-readers, so if you don’t ask, you won’t get. Whether it’s a powder ski or a twin tip, a Volkl racer or a poppy Armada playmate, hire shops will endeavour to find you the perfect partner for the week, so be sure to let them know what sort of ski you are after.

Also worth noting is to ask about the age of the ski. Many hire shops will use ‘high-end, top quality, best model’ but this does not mean these are necessarily the newest skis. If you’re truly after the best on-slope experience on the newest skis, be sure to ask for this season’s models. These will also generally be in a better condition than the older skis, having had less time on the slopes.


Take advantage of the hire shop staff! You’re paying for the service, so make sure you use it. Get your boots properly fitted (bring a ski sock for this!), not simply handed over based on your shoe size. Poorly fitting ski boots can be painful and can really ruin a day on the mountain, so by having them well fitted from the get-go you can enjoy your time to the full. Furthermore, ensure you get the right DIN settings by knowing your weight, height and ability level beforehand. This will mean you can avoid a ski popping off at the smallest fall, or conversely not popping off when you need it to.

Price Isn’t Everything

While we’re all keen to snag a bargain, it’s important not to get tunnel vision when it comes to price of ski rentals. Most hire shops offer different levels of hire packages (gold/silver/bronze, expert/intermediate/beginner) and with each company using different terminology it can be easy to become confused by what you might need and simply opt for the cheaper options when in fact spending slightly more might get you a ski you will enjoy much better.

Furthermore, don’t simply go for whoever offers the best deal online. Some online companies offer incredible prices, but this does not always translate into the best quality in resort. Using an established rental company such as SkiSet means that you will get the top levels of service both before and during your holiday, with expert staff and a wide range of products.


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