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Borovets is the oldest and the biggest mountain resort in Bulgaria, well known internationally, in part because of the excellent value it offers compared to other top resorts around the world. Virtually all of the major mass-market international tour operators are here.

Borovets is known also as a good place to start skiing in a fun and unintimidating atmosphere, with a highly regarded ski school and without risking a huge spend on something you’re not sure you’re going to enjoy. The resort does, however, have some expert skiing and a specialist advanced-level ski school to help you make the most of it. Another selling point is the lively and varied nightlife, again fired on by the low prices and exuberant atmosphere. The downside of Borovets can include varied conditions on the piste. Although the north facing slopes have some of the best snow conditions in Eastern Europe this is not always comparable to the Alps.

Established at the end of the 19th century as a hunting centre for the former royals of Bulgaria, Borovets has gradually developed into a modern ski centre with a wide range of accommodations. Fortunately most of its growth in the modern era has not been too disastrous, with the large hotel complexes generally shaped rather than rectangular, sometimes wood clad and always set within the forest.

The resort is situated at 1350m above sea level on the northern slopes of the Rila mountains among ancient pine woods. The local mountain, Moussala (2925m) is the highest on the Balkan Peninsula. It’s an easy resort to reach, only 73km (45 miles) from the capital Sofia. The nearest town of Samokov is 10km (6 miles) down the road from the resort.

Borovets has three ski zones: Sitnyakovo, Yastrebets, and Markudjik. The Sitnyakovo zone is the largest and most suitable for beginners and intermediates, with wide and gentle slopes, ski schools, and night skiing. The Yastrebets zone is more challenging and has the best snow conditions, with some black runs, a snow park, and a gondola lift. The Markudjik zone is the highest and most remote, with some of the longest runs and stunning views of the surrounding peaks.

Borovets is also known for its lively nightlife, with many bars, restaurants, clubs, and hotels to choose from. The resort has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, with a mix of local and international visitors. The resort offers many activities and services besides skiing, such as snowshoeing, ice skating, horse riding, spa treatments, and excursions to nearby attractions.

Borovets is a great ski resort for anyone looking for a fun and affordable ski holiday in Bulgaria. It has something for everyone, from beginners to experts, from families to groups of friends. Borovets is easy to access from Sofia airport, which is only 70 km away.


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