Above & Below- THE only snow event that should be on your calendar this Easter

STORY BY Emmanuelle Châtel 19th January 2017


BUSC is one of the most notorious alpine event brands around.

With years of in house experience and a passion to bring you the best events in the mountains Above and Below should not be missed.

They offer it all, from unrivalled competitions (which for those of you at uni are sanctioned by BUCS ie. in laymen’s terms- score points and gain cred at your uni) huge arena nights you could only dream of and a packed event schedule of alpine treats so that you never have a down moment….what could be better than snow, sun and music?

Above and Below is for any and all, it’s for your novice, your expert and your all around fun lover. BUSC welcome everyone to this exclusive, one of a kind and annual sell out event of a lifetime.

** What is Above & Below?! **

BUSC (British Universities Snowsports Council) had a dream, a dream to create a one of a kind week consisting of three things.


An amazing events schedule

And competitions

This combined with the occasional beverage and shindig and Above and Below was born.

Get yourself ready for a freaky week filled with good times, bangin tunes, and frozen rain.

And it’s so easy to book – follow the link to the booking page and Use this page to create your bespoke trip and add all the additional extras such as hire, lessons, and our exclusive, illusive, and most of all good time inclusive events.

** Where is Above and Below you ask?! **

Alpe D’Huez, a resort so expansive you can get your ski count up to 249km, experience Europe’s largest black run and some of the best beginner slopes in the Alps. Not to mention Alpe D’Huez has had an insane amount of snow.

Above & Below is where friendships are formed, memories are made and a new standard in snowsports is set.

Not only do we run massive arena nights, we also have smaller and more intimate evenings of shenanigans in store for you lovely specimens.

***** INTRDUCINGGG *****

WET MESS…Row, row, row your float…. Pool party. Think sea world, think free willy, think trainers vs whales. Think floaties .. not floaters. Come be a wet mess and swim your way into a world so splashy you’ll want to grow gills #whereisyourgillywheed

PIMPIN PICNINC!!!!!!! Cheese, potatoes, meat, meat and more meat, wine, beer, APRES!!! Could you imagine a better way to spend your afternoon? ** Veggie options avaliable**

Illusive ACOUSTIC. Bring your mic night. Local acts and open mic night. Come and experience show us your best Celine Dion.

SUPER SULTRY, SUPER UNDERGROUND, SUPER AMERICAN, SUPER SECRET PARTAY. Come join us in the underground for a night to out-do all nights, find yourself in the dungeons of Alpe D’Huez getting your freak on. Think Trump and help MAKE BUSC GREAT AGAIN. Grab yourself a red cup, fill it with beer, have the night of your life

Hammershlagen? BUSC have nailed it. Come on down to Tiger bar for the finest in Austrian après. Get yourself a flugel, hit some wood, have an all-round great time. No really – hit a nail into some wood and win a prize- it’s that simple but really actually not! Trust us…this game is addictive.

** Prefer something a little more zen? **

No problem- we got you sorted; Husky rides, helicopter adventures, relaxation camps, mountain gym passes…..a huge range of activities for those who are feeling very righteous this January (probably will have worn off by march!)

PRICES STARTING FROM £399…… including everything – accommodation/ lift passes/ travel/ stash/ event wristband


70% of places ALREADY SOLD OUT. Book on NOW to avoid disappointment.

Book on now using the code: AB17

for just a £50 deposit.

More information : http://buscevents.com/above-below




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