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Debbie Gabriel

01 Mar 20

What You Need to Bring With You on Your Camping Trip (Besides The Tent)

Debbie Gabriel

01 Mar 20

Exactly what you take on a camping trip is up to you and how limited you are as to what you take depends on the type of trip you’re making.

If you’re arriving in a car for example you might be able to carry camp beds, tables, chairs, even some duvets – you can be as comfy as you like.

But if you have to carry everything on your back or on a bike perhaps, you’ll want to think very carefully about what you have to take with you – besides the tent.

The bare minimum is likely to include:

A camping mat to sleep on.

A sleeping bag to sleep in.

A towel to dry yourself on that can perhaps double as a pillow.

A torch (and spare batteries), essential spare clothes, soap, a toilet roll and other essential toiletries.

If you’re not going to be somewhere you can buy food or drink you’ll need to carry that with you, and a little camping stove, fuel for the stove and matches and cooking and eating utensils.

Some plastic bags can be handy to keep dry things dry and wet things separate.

A water bottle.


Beyond this the list can go on and on, depending on how much you want to carry, and after the essentials you can start to add ‘luxuries.’  A book to read, a solar charger for your phone, playing cards, chocolate.  Every bit can add to the fun, but if you’re carrying it all it also adds to the weight, so it’s a balancing act and perhaps a case of trial and error.

You can also micro-manage each item on your list.  Typically the lighter the item the more expensive it will be, but then if you’re serious about your camping it pays to invest in the best.