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11 Aug 17

When To Go – I’m Taking School Children


11 Aug 17

Taking children of school age is certainly not something to shy away from – I find it hard to consider a better family holiday than skiing…the exercise, the fresh air, the education of the mountains and the learning or perfecting a skill, its all just perfection.


Taking children over the Christmas break is really lovely, holding onto that magical time of year in a place where frankly Britain can rarely match, really does give your children a Christmas to remember.  And right now prices are not astronomical and there are deals to be had over the Christmas period.

Yes snow depths can be risky, but if its that vital then aim high and you should be safe, or go with the attitude of, theres lots of activities including skiing, let’s have a great Christmas winter holiday and I’m confident you will never be disappointed.

Half Term and Easter Holidays

We all know that the prices tend to race up during these peak travel times, so our advice is either book early, or be canny.

A group driving down rather than flying may take a little longer, but door to door the difference isn’t huge and means you can carry as much weight as you like and you save a small fortune.

Group booking chalets and large apartments means you can take food with you or shop when there and this also means your can make massive savings.

Or look at the slightly lesser names resorts, rather than the usual suspects, this can find you flying into smaller airports, with quicker transfer times and lower prices all round.

Whatever you decide, don’t shy away from taking your children skiing, skiing is a family is fantastic fun and at the end of the day when the children are tired, you can enjoy a drink in front of the fire – everyone is happy.