Serre chevalier


New Lifts at ‘Ever Greener’ Serre Chevalier Briançon

The southern French ski area of Serre Chevalier Briançon, known as “Serre Che” for short, sees big spends on infrastructure improvements each year and 2019-20 is no exception with two major new lifts due to be installed.

However the resort is also building on its commitment to be increasingly renewable-energy powered and producing 30% of its electricity needs on-site by 2021, with hydroelectricity generated through its snow-making network, photovoltaics with 1420 solar panels, some of which were designed in Serre Chevalier, and micro-wind turbines with two wind energy devices.

For the coming winter a second wind turbine is to be added along with four new sites of photovoltaics and the resort’s first production unit for hydroelectricity.

Two new chairlifts will be installed upgrading older lifts at a combined cost of 8 million euros.

A brand new 6-person high-speed chairlift will be replacing the actual Eychauda, making it much faster to go from Monêtier to Villeneuve. In addition the Cibouït chairlift will also be replaced with a quad chairlift.

Serre Chevalier will open for the weekends of 30th November and 1st December and 7th and 8th December then non-stop 14th December to 19th April 2020.

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