Lift Upgrades Coming to Les 2 Alpes Next Winter

Patrick Thorne

17 Jun 19

Les 2 Alpes will re-open for summer glacier skiing at the weekend, but the resort in the southern French Alps is also already working on improvements to its ski area for winter 2019/20 too. 

The main change is a big upgrade of the former quad chairlift that provides access to serves the  glacier from La Fee.  From next winter this will be replaced by a new 8 seat Crêtes chairlift to increase uphill; speed and capacity on the route.,

The original Crêtes chairlift will not be lost however and will instead by recycled by being relocated  to Le Thuit where it will replace elderly lifts and create a faster return route.

Finally the Super Venosc chairlift, now more than 40 years old, will be upgraded to a shorter, faster chairlift ride.