The Jump Is Axed For 2018

STORY BY Patrick Thorne 4th August 2017

Channel 4 has said there won’t be a fifth series of TV series The Jump, at least not next winter.

The TV show, which asked celebrities to challenge themselves and risk injury in various fun snowsports challenges in the Austrian Tirol each winter, divided opinions amongst the wintersports community as to whether it offered gratuitous viewing or accurately portray the thrill and fun of winter sports, or perhaps a bit of both.

The Sun reports that 34 celebrities injured themselves during the four series of the show, several of them seriously.  The third series in 2016 saw almost all participants injure themselves and there was some media surprise when the show returned at the start of this year.

The newspaper reports that although the show has not officially been axed for good, with Channel 4 saying the reason it won’t return next winter is that it intends to focus on the 2018 Winter Olympics, it does not believe it will return at all.

Other media commentators have speculated that a variant of the show replacing winter snow sports with “safer” summer water sports may be the way forward for The Jump.

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