Introduction To The Fun Park

The Fun Park or Terrain Park is a great place for children and adults alike to have fun and learn new skills, and the kids absolutely love it! The key here is to build up the right knowledge to stay safe and reduce risk of injury while having lots of fun!


If you are a beginner, it’s best to stick to the beginner area in the fun park. This may seem like common sense, but it is easy to get carried away. Always read and obey the notices about the rules and safety tips that should be clearly posted at the entrance to the park.

When doing any types of jumps or tricks it’s important to wear the appropriate safety equipment which may include body armour (padding) and at the very least a helmet.

Learn the safe stopping zones

Everyone has to stop at the top of the terrain park and wait until it’s their turn. As you continue riding through the fun park you should not stop before or after any of the jumps or features. If you do need to stop for any reason, make sure you are far away from the line of other riders using the jumps.

Introduction to the fun park

Learn hand signals

It’s useful to know the hand signals to enable you to communicate with other riders above you in the park.

Arms crossed over your head if a skier is down. Arms in a circle if it is safe to proceed.

For small children it is always recommended to stay with them in the fun park. This way you can signal to other riders if your child falls over.

Next steps

Stick to straight airs to begin with, but once these are mastered you can start to progress to 180s, 360s and eventually on up to rodeo 7s and switch double corked 10s!

There are also many other features in the park once your skills progress, such as rails, boxes, wall rides, half pipes, step-ups, gap jumps, etc.

Have fun and stay safe!

Introduction to the fun park