Indoor Snow Centre Green Energy Self-Sufficient (When The Sun Shines)

A project to make one of the world’s largest indoor snow centres almost self-sufficient in their renewable energy needs has gone live.

SnowWorld Landgraaf in the Netherlands, which has a number of indoor ski slopes up to 550m long, has had 10,000 solar panels installed on its huge roof by green power company Indi Energie, working with the Dutch full-service solar company KiesZon.

A second, smaller SnowWorld centre at Zoetermeer had 3,000 panels added to its roof last year.

On very sunny days the solar panels on Landgraaf’s roof will produce more energy than is needed to meet the energy needs of the indoor ski slope, at which point surplus energy will be delivered to the local community.

Altogether the two SnowWorld locations will generate approximately 2,500,000kWh of green energy every year.

“Eventually,” said Wim Moerman, CFO at SnowWorld, “the goal is to become completely self- sufficient.”

Several other indoor snow centres in Germany and the Netherlands also have solar-panel-covered rooves meeting much of their energy needs, including one German centre built on a former coal mine.