Glencoe Crowdfunding Campaign


Glencoe Crowdfunding Campaign: Scottish Skiing All Season Long

Glencoe Mountain Resort in Scotland are hoping that a crowdfunding campaign will enable them to guarantee snow conditions throughout the winter.

Last season, Glencoe was only able to open for 32 days’ skiing, making it their worst season so far on record. To have an area of snow that would be guaranteed throughout the season would mean that the resort could have set opening and closing dates.

Consistent snow quality would mean that Glencoe would be able to better support local schools, clubs and athletes and would provide a boost to the local economy during notoriously tough winter months.

Glencoe Crowdfunding Campaign Hoping To Provide Scottish Skiing All Season Long

They are hoping to do this with a TechnoAlpin snow factory. Producing snow through innovative cooling technology, TechnoAlpin snow factories enable the production of snow in temperatures of up to 25 degrees and in most weather conditions. The unit can make up to 100 cubic metres of snow in a day and are already in use in resorts in 16 different countries.

Glencoe Crowdfunding Campaign Hoping To Provide Scottish Skiing All Season Long

The plan of the Glencoe crowdfunding campain would be to begin snowmaking in early November and create a stock pile of snow which could be pushed out onto the designated runs for an opening day of the 1st December. The runs covered would be the new Coire Pollach run as well as an area designated for sledging.

The snow created thereafter would be used to top up conditions on runs and ensure snow conditions right through to the May bank holiday. This would be a great way of ensuring that future generations are able to experience the joys of snowsports in the UK.

Glencoe Crowdfunding Campaign

Glencoe Mountain Resort are looking to raise £290,000 towards the £430,000 cost of the project. To learn more or to make a donation, head to

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