Gian Ragettli // Closed Stretg Run

STORY BY Emmanuelle Châtel 11th October 2017

When it’s spring time and the tourists have left town, it’s time to play! LAAX local Gian Ragettli takes you on a little journey down the legendary Stretg run, from Alp Nagens to the base station of Flims. This run is known and loved for its playful meandering cat tracks, plentiful side hits and stunning panoramic scenery. Though this time around, Gian has upped the ante of the Stregt with a few extra jumps and bumps, tight ducks in and out of the forest, as well as some dirt and grass gaps – all to make it a playground of fun and epic proportions. Follow him all the way down to the village of Flims, and catch him if you can!

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