X-Bionic Tentacle Technology Review

STORY BY Megan Hughes 28th February 2018

This X-Bionic Tentacle Technology Review comes from ISPO 2018, where we were eager to see for ourselves X-Bionic’s latest innovative technologies.

X-Bionic Tentacle Technology offers an entirely new development in three-dimensional textile technology that gives a combination of a looser-fit cut with the performance of a tight functional shirt. This allows those people who prefer a wide cut to benefit from the comfort and performance of a tight-fitting shirt as well.

At the same time, X-BIONIC taps into a completely new, broader customer base with “Tentacle Technology”. The technology builds on the combination of hydrophilic and hydrophobic yarns, which are integrated at those parts where people sweat the most, taking into consideration the various climate zones of the body. As an athlete moves, they are activated and caress the skin, similar to tentacles, absorbing some of the sweat. The film of moisture that remains on the skin allows for the X-BIONIC to cool itself. The tentacles transport excess sweat outwards efficiently through the mixture of hydrophilic and hydrophobic yarns. Here, the sweat evaporates, resulting in a pleasant cooling effect. The tentacles additionally separate the supporting knitted fabric and skin by a set distance, which prevents the unpleasant, clammy feeling sweaty textile.

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