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Debbie Gabriel

10 Jan 24


Debbie Gabriel

10 Jan 24


RRP. £290.00 (Sock + S-Pack 1400B set)


The finest technical, heated socks for skiing. Our patented SMART.ELASTIC.TECHNOLOGY® allows Thermic to integrate the thin 2mm heating line discreetly into the sock to provide a warming action around the toes. The S.E.T means that you can get heating integrated without impacting fit!

When you go skiing your extremities are the parts of your body most exposed to the cold. The feeling of cold feet can quickly arise. Because your adventures don’t have to be limited, Thermic has developed thin, technical heated socks designed for skiers using low volume/precision fit ski boots out on the slopes.

Their slim construction, combined with SMART.ELASTIC.TECHNOLOGY® ensures that the fit in the boots is un-altered for maximum comfort and feel. The thin (2mm) S.E.T® heating line is discreetly integrated into the sock to diffuse subtle warmth around the toes without impacting the fit of the sock in the shoe. In addition, the polyamide fibres, which provide tension around the foot and leg, ensure that the sock fits snugly and supports the foot during a day skiing.

Thermo-regulating knitting technologies combined with merino wool provide perfect insulation and breathability. The heat insulating structures and breathable systems have been strategically positioned to work in support of the SMART.ELASTIC.TECHNOLOGY®. In the arch of the foot, the Moisture-Vent Technology absorbs moisture from the skin and transports it to the outside, thanks to the micro-channels, to facilitate breathability and keep the foot dry and warm.

Paired with our S-Pack 1400B batteries, the most efficient in the range. Bluetooth® technology enabled, you can adjust the heat settings remotely using your smartphone to get up to 9 hours of warmth.


  • 60% Polyamide
  • 37% Merino Wool
  • 3% Elastane

Technical Features:

  • Ultra Thin 2mm S.E.T® Heat Line (Battery powered).
  • Merino Wool for added warmth.
  • Micro ventilation channels.
  • Moisture-Vent Technology to wick moisture away more efficiently.
  • Toe, Ankle and Heel Protection.
  • S-Pack 1400B Battery provided.

Stockist: Ski Bartlett 


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