Patrick Thorne

20 Nov 20

Reusch Jeremie Heitz Pro

Patrick Thorne

20 Nov 20

The new Jeremie Heitz Pro glove from Reusch are tight-fitting, robust and super supple and incorporate the revolutionary Polartec Alpha material that was originally developed for the US special forces. 

This all means that basically they are super adaptable to variations in temperature which means you won’t get sweaty hands – or cold hands.

No surprise therefore that they’re the glove of choice of epic freerider Jeremie Heitz.

The US special forces needed a superior insulation system for extreme temperature variations and the start-stop conditions of combat.

Alpha is an active insulation and has been engineered for consistent warmth while allowing greater breathability during activity.

This air exchange technology creates sustained comfort without shedding layers – or in this case taking your gloves off – which isn’t an option during a mission.

So in a nutshell, your hands shouldn’t get hot and clammy in these gloves and let’s face it, if you’re Jeremie the stress of some of that freeriding would get you pretty sweaty!

The Jérémie Heitz pro model which are made of 40% Goatskin 14% Polyamide and 46% Polyester also provide outstanding grip and tactility for one of the most progressive freeriders on earth. The new version features an even warmer insulation layer.

The gloves are available to purchase here priced at £90.40




Price: £90.40

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