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//Ski Accessories

Debbie Gabriel

26 Nov 20

Carv Digital Ski Coach

Debbie Gabriel

26 Nov 20

Carv turns any ski boot into a personal coach, giving you access to world-class audio coaching any time you ski.

Praised by The FT, The Times, New York Times and others, the ultra-thin inserts fit under any ski boot (they go under the liner). Carv uses them to measure 35 pressure and motion metrics live, on every turn to give you an accurate read on your technique.  

Up until this point, most of us have had to rely on advice from our friends to improve, or for the lucky ones, the luxury of regular lessons! Now any skier can get personalised advice every day they’re on the mountain. 

Understand what’s holding you back

Most of us struggle to know what to work on next. In fact, if pushed, many skiers might say they’re stuck on a technique plateau. Carv’s analysis looks at your balance, pressure, edging and rotation – the hallmarks of good skiing. It scores every run against benchmarks for perfect technique, and shows you exactly what’s holding you back.


Improve with tips, drills and challenges

It’s incredibly valuable to get such a new (and honest) view of your technique, but the real value of Carv is in the coaching. You’ll get personalised audio tips on the chairlift, recommended ski drills (that talk back as you ski) and challenges to test your skills. 

Each of these coaching methods has been developed with a range of top-level instructors to ensure that every skier is getting world-class advice to help them improve. The training difficulty adapts to your ability, so an expert and an intermediate can both push their limits with Carv.

Find out who’s king/queen of the hill

At the heart of Carv is the Ski:IQscore. It’s a number that will tell you how well you did on your last run. Your Ski:IQ is based on how your technique compares to data profiles generated by top instructors.  The brave amongst us might see an opportunity to prove ourselves…

New for this year, Carv shows you who’s at the top of the Ski:IQ leaderboard for your local mountain, or should you want to have a crack at the big leagues, there’s always the global leaderboard to aim for.

With over 10,000 skiers using Carv and over 30 million turns recorded to date, there’s a growing community of skiers who are taking on that technique plateau with a personal digital ski coach in their pocket.

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Price: $349