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Debbie Gabriel

29 Jun 22

Courmayeur Welcomes Summer

Debbie Gabriel

29 Jun 22

This summer, Courmayeur Mont Blanc plays host to a programme of exciting events and activities taking place throughout the season, from a new e-bike sharing programme that services the most scenic part of the region, exhibitions at Skyway Monte Bianco – the roof of Europe – to a special ‘Green Weekend. The weekend will incorporate nature-based gastronomical experiences, including a ‘Gourmet Walk’ in collaboration with the restaurants of the valley against the backdrop of the stunning Mont Blanc scenery; an exquisite concert in the breath-taking Aosta Valley; workshops, wellness and sports experiences for families; and a specially composed soundtrack of the mountain’s treasured sounds to accompany the fun.

Please see a breakdown of the abundance of activities available at the Courmayeur Mont Blanc this summer below…

Courmayeur Welcomes Summer

Courmayeur Mont Blanc’s Green Weekend

Sustainability is an intrinsic part of Courmayeur Mont Blanc, where Europe’s most fabulous slopes unfurl at the foot of Mont Blanc. Taking place on 25th and 26th June is a ‘Green Weekend’ and two day event that will feature culinary journeys, active adventures and immersive music and sports experiences that capture the essence of the summer season in Mont Blanc, whilst giving guests the opportunity to connect with nature, discover the local culture and participate in responsible tourism.

Shouldering up to Italy, the valleys Ferret and Vey will be car-free over the ‘Green Weekend’, and instead the resort can be easily accessed by the Val Veny cable car or new e-bike sharing service, both available at discounted rates. Guests can use public shuttle bus services for free. Highlights for the coming programme include nature-based gastronomical experiences, including a ‘Gourmet Walk’ in collaboration with the restaurants of the valley against the backdrop of the stunning Mont Blanc scenery; a weekend full of workshops and sports experiences for the families such as outdoor yoga amidst nature.

The culmination of the Green Weekend ends in a spectacular outdoor concert by Roman singer-songwriter Fulminacci, thanks to the regional Musicastelle festival.

New E-Bike Sharing Service

Acknowledging the importance of sustainability in tourism, this month, Courmayeur Mont Blanc is introducing a new e-bike sharing programme, with 30 e-bikes for public use, increasing mobility options for residents and tourists visiting.

To complement the service, there are many sign-posted cycling routes and with easy inter-connected railways, shuttle busses and cable cars, meaning that travellers can always mix and match a bike experience with public transport to cover every nook and cranny of this beautiful region sustainably.

Courmayeur Welcomes Summer

Wellness in the Mountains

For those wishing to explore the meditative and reinvigorating energy of the mountains more deeply, in addition to Yoga throughout the ‘Green Weekend’, Courmayeur Mont Blanc will be offering ‘Yoga Mountain Days’ throughout the summer season. These days will be dedicated to exploring wellness through seminars, yoga, massage, and other sensory experiences, culminating with a DJ set at the end of each day. Weekly yoga sessions with spectacular views of Mont Blanc will also be available to book over the summer months.

Soundtrack to the Summer

In a desire to fully indulge all senses, Max Casacci, producer, guitarist, and founder of the Italian band Subsonica, has composed a mini-soundtrack This is Courmayeur. The Sound of your Summer. The tracks combine the mountain’s nostalgic sounds into a symphony: the wind whistling among branches, streams gurgling, bells of cows grazing in high pastures, all of which are combined with the percussion sounds of the mountain peaks and goat bells. Listeners can access the tracks through a QR code, and imagine they are fully immersed in mountain nature, wherever they are; or use them as the soundtrack to their summer in Courmayeur Mont Blanc whatever the activity.

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