Courchevel Ski School Uniforms Designed to be Recyclable Into Bags

Patrick Thorne

21 Jul 19

A new uniform developed especially for the French Ski School (ESF) in Courchevel will have the unusual distinction of having been designed so that it can be easily repurposed in to a range of “ski gear accessories” after it has been worn out.

Designed by instructors from the Courchevel 1850 ESF, in collaboration with CEPOVETT, the leading French manufacturer of work uniforms, the new ‘Made In Courchevel’ the uniform is “eco-friendly” in that it can be recycled into items such as rucksacks and belts which will be available to purchase at the French Ski School shop. after it has outlived its useful life as skiwear.

For this season however the ultra-technical and attractive uniform, which was tested and approved by a dozen ski instructors last winter has been designed to be worn in extreme weather conditions. Designed to be adaptable for different conditions they have multiple layers which can be worn on top of each other and include a down jacket interior and a soft shell outer layer.