A Fondue in the Sky?

A Swiss company that has been organising fondue dinners within gondolas cabins at the ski resort of Villars for the past few seasons is to expand its operation this winter and offer its gondola fondues to guests in Verbier and Crans Montana this winter too.

The ‘pop up gondola restaurants’ named ‘Fondue in the Sky’ sees the entire Gondola infrastructure transformed into dining cabins for groups of 6 people at a time by the Tête à Tête – Swiss Events company.

Depending on the resort, the number of gondola cabins varies between 60 and 70 welcoming 360/420 participants at each event.

“Our fondue is specially blended for us by a renowned cheese producer, while the wine, charcuterie, bread, and dessert are selected from the best local artisanal establishments, distinguishing each resorts prided delicacies,” said joint company director Bart A. Kistemaker.

After the success of three sold-out Events in Villars, the Fondue in the Sky event is to be staged for the first time in Verbier on the 17th February 2018 and Crans-Montana on the 30th of March 2018.

Depending on the resort the full experience costs costs 85 – 95 Swiss francs for adults, 70 – 80 Francs for children aged under 16.  Couples will be grouped with two other couples to fill a cabin.

Mr Kistemaker and partner Natasha Sanz de Acedo (Pictured above) will also be back in Villars for a 4th edition there on the 24th of February, 2018.

“Fondue in the Sky creates an unforgettable experience for all its participants.  This exclusive and audacious pop up event gives an exciting modern twist to the Swiss traditional Fondue dinner.  It is a family friendly occasion, held in a sporty mountain resort, thus attracting a diversified clientele spanning all ages and nationalities,” added Mr Kistemaker.

In Verbier participants will enjoy a 1h45 minute ride through the Val de Bagne forests on Verbier’s Bruson telecabines (access from the Châble télécabines), with impressive views of the Mont Gelé, the Bec des Rosses & the Mont Fort, dominating over Verbier & the Vallée de Bagnes.

The Villars event on the Roc d’Orsay gondolas will provide participants with a 1h45 minute telecabine ride, facing the Mont Blanc, Muverans mountain range with its famous Dents du Midi, dominating over Villars and the Vallée du Rhone.

In Crans-Montana Fondue in the sky will take place on the Crans-Cry d’Er Telecabines, at sunset and  participants will enjoy a 1h45 minute telecabine ride over ehe Rhone Valley, with impressive views of the Pennine Alps and chain of mountain peaks from the Matterhorn to the Mont Blanc.