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Megan Hughes

19 Oct 20

10 Minutes With Hannah Teter

Megan Hughes

19 Oct 20

American snowboarder Hannah Teter has spent a lifetime on the snow and has racked up an impressive collection of accolades in the process. She’s the proud owner of both gold and silver Olympic medals, placed third at the World Champs and has six World Cup victories to her name. If anyone knows how important comfortable ski gear is to performing at the highest level of the game, it’s Hannah. This is why she’s recently teamed up with British snow apparel brand Oneskee to launch her own range of bright and bold snowboarding apparel. We caught up with Hannah to discuss the collaboration, her successes on the snow and how snow sports can become a more accessible environment for all.

Hi Hannah! Thanks for taking the time to chat to us here at InTheSnow. We’re loving the new collection, it’s some seriously good looking gear! What was it that made you want to join forces with Oneskee? 

Thanks for having me! I actually became a fan of Oneskee a few years ago after going snowboarding in one of their Onesies – it was the comfiest thing I had ever ridden in and I literally didn’t want to wear anything else for the rest of the season! It only made sense to combine forces and create some next level gear together.

The collection includes two one-piece suits in a rust & nightshadow leopard print, as well as a puffer jacket. What drew you to the onesie style?

Oneskee nailed the onesie fit better than anybody, which is clutch because you gotta feel like you can do anything in your outerwear! I feel way less restricted riding in their Onesies, and stay way warmer!!! Also I love the fact that you can never get snow down your pants…

We absolutely love both of the suit designs – what were your influences and (if you can choose) which is your favourite?!

It is a dream come true to help create this line – I cant get enough of leopard prints and am inspired by the beauty of the animals on this planet! It is a tribute to stay wild and stick to yours roots. If I had to pick a favourite it would be the rust leopard onesie because I can’t say theres anything better looking then that!

You have had so much success in your career, what advice would you give to any younger skiers or snowboarders who might be dreaming of reaching the Olympics one day!

It’s all about believing in yourself and knowing where you want to go! I’m a firm believer in visualising your outcomes. If you can paint a picture in your mind of your future goal and feel super confident about attaining it, you’re more than halfway to making it into a reality.

You recently appeared on The Titan Games Season 2, which is obviously pretty different to the type of competition you’re used to! How was that experience?

It was like no experience I’ve ever had. It definitely pushed me to my limits and beyond! I only had 10 days to get ready and if you watched the show you saw the other girls were like CrossFit superstars, so I had no chance!

Which did you find made you more nervous; the Olympics or the Titan Games?!

I was crazy nervous for both but there was something about the Titan Games that made it more nerve-racking!

You’re clearly very passionate about your charity work, through your own charity Hannah’s Gold as well as your role as a global ambassador for the Special Olympics. What made you decide to use your platform to help others?

Growing up, my family sponsored a third world child and from that point on I knew how much we can affect other peoples lives by offering a little help. I have a special needs brother and saw the difficulties he faced when we were in school which made me want to be a part of the Special Olympics movement, who was breaking down barriers and creating communities of more inclusiveness for people who are intellectually disabled.

Do you feel that snow sports is doing enough in terms of accessibility and equality?  

There has been a lot of progress towards making the mountains more accessible for everyone but it is expensive if you don’t live by a resort and have to travel to access them. I think the snow sports community is doing a good job of creating an environment for upcoming kids to prosper and there are some amazing programs like the CHILL foundation that take inner city kids up to the mountain to ride!

Finally, having experienced so many different resorts during your career, which would you say is your favourite place to snowboard?

I moved out to Lake Tahoe because they have the best snow resorts and Sierra at Tahoe is hands down my favourite place to shred!

Hannah Teter’s Signature range for Oneskee is now available at 

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