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10 Mins With Rowan Cheshire

Rowan Cheshire is a freestyle skier and was the first British female to win a half-pipe competition at the FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup at only 18 years old. She has competed in the past two Winter Olympics, famously being knocked unconscious while in training at Sochi where she was forced to withdraw with severe concussion and a broken nose, but she returned to make the finals of the half-pipe competition at the Olympics in Korea last year.

ITS: When and where did you first hit the slopes?

RC: I first skied on a dry slope in Stoke-on-Trent when I was 10 years old. My first skiing on snow was in Whistler, Canada.

I loved the adrenaline rush I got from it and that in freestyle there was always something to learn and that there were no rules.

ITS: What are your main goals for winter 2018/19?

RC: My main goals are to make the finals in the World Championships and I have a list of tricks that I want to perfect and learn this season.

ITS: Are you already thinking about the Beijing Olympics, or too soon?

RC: I have my goal to win a medal at the Beijing Olympics, but I’m taking it season by season and focusing on my progression and doing well in the World Cups and championships, to get me closer to that Olympic dream.

ITS: What are your top tips to skiers in regard to getting fit for the ski season and helping to avoid injury?

RC: Focus on doing knee stability and balance exercises, as well as trying to build up strength. This will help protect the knee joints and prevent injury. Including balancing exercises is important to increase core stability and prepare your legs and also prevent injury. You can perform great single-leg balance exercises on a Bosu ball, by balancing on the flat side while trying to stay as stable as possible. Adding movements to this is a great progression.

ITS: What’s your favourite ski resort and why?

RC: Whistler is my favourite ski resort – it’s such a nice town with lots to do. I’ve had some great memories there.

ITS: Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to ski but haven’t made it to yet?

RC: I’ve always wanted to visit Japan, both for the skiing and the culture.

ITS: How has skiing changed your life?

RC: I’ve learnt a lot from skiing. It’s made me a much more confident person and has given me amazing opportunities and opened a lot of doors.