Debbie Gabriel

17 Sep 14

10 Mins With: Charlotte Van Gils

Debbie Gabriel

17 Sep 14

Charlotte van Gils is one of the world’s best snowboarders and a Sinner-sponsored athlete.  Originally from the Netherlands, Charlotte went on her first winter sports holiday when she was 11, unusually opting to snowboard rather than ski.  After taking boarding trip and practising gymnastics through school,  Charlotte got air and pulled her first tricks on  indoor and snowboarding now  dominates her life.

Q: Why did you decided to board on your first holiday?

CVG: I It was pretty random. I was at home, 11 years old, and my dad was filling out what ski classes my sisters and I would be in on our annual trip to Austria. There was a big air snowboard competition on TV and seeing people flip and do tricks on a snowboard made me want to ride, so I asked my dad to switch me into a snowboard class.

Q:  Which are your favourite mountains?

CVG: Breckenridge is home and I love it because of the perfect jumps, and there is always something to ride no matter what the weather is like. Copper Mountain, also in Colorado, has good jumps, fun rails and they change the jibs weekly so there’s always something new to ride. Their back bowls are a lot of fun on the powder days as well! I was in Perisher, Australia, last month and it has a perfect park, jumps and jibs with a little T-bar allowing 100 runs a day!

Q: How did you get involved in designing your own signature helmet and goggles?

CVG: I tried out some Sinner products to find my favourite designs; I’m really picky in how helmets and goggles should fit. So I was stoked when I tried the Galaxy goggles and Titan helmet. I like the Galaxy goggles because it’s like looking through a wide-angle. You can see everything without having to turn your head. The helmet I love because it’s very light; I don’t notice having it on and it has proven to do its job multiple times. I have broken a couple of helmets by slamming without having one concussion in the last two years. I love the design, based on the red rocks of Moab, Utah and red rocks in Denver. It’s where my friends and I cut loose after a fun season. We camp and party until the sun comes up. The views are pretty much like the goggle strap show!

Q: What are your main ambitions for the coming season?

CVG: I have some tricks in mind that I really want to learn. I won’t spoil the surprise on that one, but keep checking the videos! I’ve always wanted to hit a big powder jump, so that one is on the bucket list for this season.

I don’t like to think in results but I hope to land some nice runs in the competitions this season.

Beyond that, I don’t know, sometimes it’s better not too plan too far ahead but just enjoy the ride!

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