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Patrick Thorne

06 Jul 22

World’s Oldest Skier Turns 105

Patrick Thorne

06 Jul 22

George Jedenoff, the world’s oldest living skier, celebrated his 105th birthday this week on 5th July, 2022.

Mr Jedenoff began skiing more than six decades ago after a move to Utah and was still skiing there until at least age 103.

However he told Stanford Business School, from where he graduated more than 80 years ago, that he’s had to move from the area.

“I’ve been able to ski consistently for 61 years, including a few runs this year at Sugar Bowl, but I can no longer ski at my favourite resorts in Utah because I can’t handle the altitude. I still do my 45 minutes of exercise every morning to keep limber, and that helps my mind, too,” he told Stanford’s journal in July last year, after turning 104.

In a social media post, Alta ski resort wrote,

“Thank you, George Jedenoff, for giving all of us so much hope and optimism—as the soundtrack of your life continues to make our world a better place. We miss having you on the slopes at Alta and wish you all the best at your home in California. George’s words of wisdom: age is just a number; always be kind to others; don’t let life’s problems overshadow the good in life and above all, never give up.