Megan Hughes

04 May 20

When in Lockdown, Brits Buy Skis

Megan Hughes

04 May 20

How have you spent your lockdown? Baking banana bread after banana bread? Trying to teach as well as entertain small children? Watching Netflix for hours on end? Buying… skis? No? Well, you might be surprised!

When restricted to one outdoor exercise session a day, us Brits have truly committed to the cause, and sales of home workout gear and running apps have shot through the roof.

Interestingly, we are also increasingly purchasing skis. According to retailer Ellis Brigham, their on-line ski sales have soared by nearly 40% during the lockdown period, a 20% rise on the same period last year.

But why, in a period of such economic uncertainty, are people looking to buy ski gear? Throw in the uncertainty still surrounding next winter’s ski season and it does seem a strange lockdown treat.

Steve Wells, Equipment Buyer for Ellis Brigham sheds some light, ““I think the Brits are an optimistic bunch and with many ski holidays cancelled or curtailed this season, ski lovers are looking ahead to life after Coronavirus.

Why not treat yourself to a pair of skis instead of that planned trip now is a great time what with price reductions and good availability.  Something positive to look forward to helps us get through hard times, and obviously for some, having a pair of shiny new skis in the hallway is it!”

Indeed, we can’t think of many better ways to cheer ourselves up amid the stresses of Coronavirus than by looking forward to days back on the mountain!

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