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Debbie Gabriel

01 Nov 16

Sportube Hard Case

Debbie Gabriel

01 Nov 16

The ultimate protection for transporting your skis. Don’t let those baggage handlers damage your pride and joy, use this hard plastic case to transport your skis.

The Double Sportube is made out of high density polyethylene plastic and is designed to protect TWO pairs of Alpine, shaped or powder skis & TWO pairs of poles.
You can also use the Sportube case to transport other pieces of equipment from fishing rods, music keyboards, replica weapons and anything else that is long and needs rigid protection.

The Sportube ski carry case is fully adjustable in length for whatever it is that you’re carrying. It is designed to be lightweight while being strong and durable and to make your life even easier it also has wheels on the bottom, so no-more carrying!

The new design will take fatter carving skis, where older models did not. In order to comfortably accommodate all new skis and binding systems, Sportube molds have been modified and now the case is bigger than ever!

Tired of the hassle of checking in your luggage at the airport? Why not send your equipment by carrier ahead of time in a Sportube and have your equipment waiting for you when you arrive.

Why Sportube?
Protects multiple pairs of Alpine and Nordic/Skate skis & poles
Fits all types of skis including integrated systems and most with riser plates and ski/binding and riser plate combinations
Wheels make your sports gear easy to maneuver — just pull it along with you like a suitcase!
Cut out handles that you can easily place on the roof bars of your car and then securely strap down.
Wire Case Pin, for stopping it open and closing.
Shoulder strap included.
Sportube can be locked for added security for shipping or non-airline related travel, see the link below.

25cm (With handle)
15cm (without handle)
125cm (Retracted)
227cm (Fully exended)