Patrick Thorne

25 Nov 23

Sheffield Ski Village Site Wins ‘Levelling Up’ Funding

Patrick Thorne

25 Nov 23

A plan to redevelop Sheffield’s Parkwood Springs area which was once home to one of Europe’s largest dry ski centres has been awarded more than £19 million as part of the latest round of investment from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund.

The former Sheffield Ski Village was destroyed by an arson attack more than a decade ago and there have been several attempts to build a new dry ski centre on the site which have all failed to date. The latest plan connected to the money from central government…

“will see Parkwood Springs, which has been under-utilised for more than a decade, transformed – further enhancing the Council’s ambition to create a Country Park in the city,” a media statement from Sheffield City council enthuses.

However the press statement makes no specific mention of any dry ski slopes in the latest plans, instead saying the site will become, “a regional leisure destination that we can be proud of,” and specifying,

“The new funding will be used to deliver new and upgraded existing walking paths and mountain bike trails. We will also be able to extend the area of the site which can be accessed and make the whole site more accessible to people of all ages and abilities. A new visitor centre and bike hub along with information boards, event space and improved boundaries will allow Parkwood Springs to strengthen the appeal as a destination in its own right,” said Cllr Ben Miskell, Chair of Sheffield Council’s Transport, Regeneration and Climate Committee, who did not immediately reply to a request for clarification on the  ski slopes question.

“These plans will open up access to the site, an obstacle that previously prevented developers from bringing forward plans for the redevelopment of the former Ski Village.”

The area of the former ski slope will be, “prepared for future development as a regional leisure destination” the media release says, with all derelict remains from the previous ski slope, which has since seen more than 50 further arson attacks, removed.

A sizable part of the funding appears to be being spent on improving access to the area, which was identified as an issue that limited previous redevelopment attempts from being successful.

Sheffield Ski Village Site Wins ‘Levelling Up’ Funding

Woodsy in 2017

Before its destruction Sheffield ski Village had a series of ski slopes and a freestyle park consisting of a half pipe, hip jump, kicker, a quarter pipe and various grind rails. It was here that future stars like James ‘Woodsy’ Woods  and Katie Summerhayes learned their skills. Ellie Koyander (Women’s Moguls, 2010 Winter Olympics) and Paddy Graham (Pro freeskier) also credit Sheffield among their training grounds.

Sheffield City Council sought new operators for the site in 2016 and named Extreme as their preferred candidate in 2017 with a £22.5 million plan for a multi-sport centre including new dry ski slopes. This did not happen however.

“We recognised that Parkwood Springs needed a new lease of life and have continued to push for the funding to support our ambition and to deliver for the city. Sheffield is the Outdoor City and our plans will turn Parkwood springs into a regional leisure destination that we can be proud of,” said Cllr Miskell, who added, “This project will be able to breathe new life into the landscape and return it to the people of Sheffield. Once all the work is complete Parkwood Springs will be a fantastic place for residents and visitors of all ages and abilities to enjoy and I’m really looking forward to seeing it start to take shape.”

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