Patrick Thorne

04 Oct 23

Scrap The Straps!

Patrick Thorne

04 Oct 23

Gear manufacturers are always trying to come up with idea to make skiing easier, safer and more comfortable. Among the new concepts for the upcoming winter is the idea of getting rid of straps on ski poles and replacing them with something quicker and better for connecting your gloves to your poles from push off, and then either releasing in a bad fall, or staying with you if just a minor tumble – a lot like traditional poles with straps should do, but better.  …particularly when it comes to releasing in a bad spill.

The concept come from German company Leki, who recently celebrated 75 years in business, specialising for most of that time in ski poles, having posted their various first pole design innovation in 1960 – dramatically improving on the grips and baskets of the day.

These days the company produces gloves too, which helps them to create the strapless pole-glove combo in-house.

Leki’s first Trigger System was introduced over 20 years ago and revolutionised the market. Today, the Trigger 3D is used by top World Cup Racers to skiers just learning, giving them the confidence and control required thanks to an intuitive connection between the pole and glove, fast and easy click-in and click out, and greatest release range thanks to the intelligent 3D Trigger.

It is the result of over 2,000 hours of prototype design, 10,000+ test releases, and endless cycles of athlete testing and feedback.

 “One of the biggest challenges for product developers is making something truly great even better,”   a Leki spokesperson said, adding, “…That time and dedication has resulted in something truly remarkable.”

This technology ensures exceptional control by establishing a direct connection between the glove and your pole. It allows for easy clipping in and out while providing enhanced safety with its three-dimensional release trigger, expanding the release range.

Scrap The Straps!

The LEKI Spitfire 3D pole has been designed as the ultimate model for conquering off-piste adventures. This pole features the innovative Trigger 3D system and is engineered for excellence with its slimline Pro G race grip.

“This cutting-edge technology ensures unrivalled control, boasting direct glove-to-pole contact and a secure three-dimensional release trigger, expanding safety margins fourfold,” Leki claim.

Alternatively the Trigger 3D Pro G grip is designed to deliver optimal power transfer for racing through its non-slip surface, but users can choose between the Cobra Basket for the slopes or the Big Mountain Basket for deep snow, both easily interchangeable by hand.

Scrap The Straps!

Leki’s Trigger 3D poles can be paired with the LEKI Rubic 3D glove, which has also been designed with precision and performance in mind.

Leki’s Rubic 3D Glove features a slimline Pro G race grip, equipped with the innovative Trigger 3D system.  The grip itself offers an optimal non-slip surface for perfect power transfer, making it ideal for racing. Crafted from high-quality materials, these gloves are built to last.

(image top credit: LEKI-Ski-Alpin-Scott-Markewitz)


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