Patrick Thorne

03 Mar 21

New Ski Jacket Turns Heads

Patrick Thorne

03 Mar 21

New skiwear produced by the French haute couture brand Moncler in collaboration with American designer Rick Owens, whom the company describe as “one of fashion’s eminent philosophers” is causing much debate in both wintersports and fashion circles.

The pairing has produced a range of high-fashion skiwear, but it is one unusual jacket in the range, Hikoville, which retails at £1,770 that is attracting the most attention.


“The assignment I gave myself was simple and authentic,” Owens says, quoted on Moncler’s website, “What would I personally wear on a road trip in an aesthetically focused self-contained moving spaceship? I was trying to strike a balance between strictly functional and flamboyantly deranged.”

Insulation, protection and momentum are my impression of what Moncler stands for and applying my aesthetic to an insulated traveling bubble was my answer to the collaborative challenge,” Owens concluded.

The jacket can be purchased direct from Moncler or through select stores including Harrods.

Images credit: Moncler