The Most Innovative New Ski Products for 2021

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We caught up with all the biggest winter sports brands at ISPO 2020 to sneak a peek at some of the most innovative new ski products for 2020/21. Some of these are really game-changing, from electric skis to sustainable ski clothing! Take a look for yourself…

Our Picks of the Most Interesting New Ski Products 2021


Something totally different from the ski industry from HEAD this winter, a ski with electricity running through it to dampen the chatter as you ski!

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Picture Welcome Ski Jacket

Picture Organic Clothing are a brand that continue to spearhead innovation when it comes to sustainable ski fashion, and with the introduction of the Welcome ski jacket, they are doing just this. For the 2021 winter season, the Welcome ski jacket will retain all the features of a top quality ski jacket, but made using the most sustainable materials.

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Dainese Concept 001 Ski Suit

For the coming winter, Dainese are building on their reputation as a brand at the forefront of innovation, with the Concept 001 ski suit. This is a ski suit made for racers of the future for the ultimate protection. There’s a wealth of protective features, as well as the D-Air airbag system, which is integrated within the suit. Is this the future of ski wear?

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The North Face Advanced Mountain Kit

Brand new from The North Face for 2020/21, the Advanced Mountain Kit is aiming to reach new levels when it comes to alpinism. Designed for fast and light alpine pursuits, it features five proprietary technologies and a unique layering system to help get alpinists to the top. What we found most interesting was the new down fill design, which is layered in a way we’ve not seen before to ensure you maintain optimal body temperature. All the products in the Advanced Mountain Kit range uses The North Face’s revolutionary Futurelight outer nano-membrane, which claims to be the pinnacle of waterproof, breathable technology.

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Marker Duke PT Binding

It’s not often that we see something truly revolutionary in the ski world, but the Marker Duke PT binding has the potential to be just that. A new hybrid, hardcore freeride binding, the Duke PT features the innovative Ride & Hike toe. This is a convertible toe, which saves 300 g per foot on the uphill and provides superior downhill performance. The Duke PT 16 has a a 6 to 16 DIN range, while the Duke PT 12 has a 4 to 12 range. For serious ski tourers, this is definitely one you need to try out!

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Dalbello Gripwalk Junior

Parents know how often kids slip and slide when walking in ski boots. For a better day of skiing with even more fun Dalbello now offers GripWalk soles for juniors, too! Introducing GripWalk Junior, the sole-binding system provides the same improved walking comfort and grip as the adults version. Dalbello’s own technology, Gripwalk provides a high-profiled slip-resistant sole, as well as increased walking comfort and improved natural roll thanks to the curved rubber of the sole. It’s around £15 extra to include the Gripwalk Junior onto a junior ski boot, which we reckon will be money well spent!

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