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Patrick Thorne

25 Apr 18

Les 2 Alpes Announce Details of 2018 Summer Ski Season

Patrick Thorne

25 Apr 18

Les 2 Alpes say that they expect their summer glacier ski and snowboarding season to run for two months from Saturday 23rd June to Sunday 26th August 2018 this year, although they’re stressing this is subject to change depending on conditions. 

Last summer was exceptionally hot in the alps and snow cover melted completely from many glaciers leaving the underlying ice exposed and prematurely ending summer snow sports.

Les 2 Alps is one of three glacier areas in France still opening so summer snowsports along with Tignes and Val d’Isere.

Les 2 Alpes say they operate the largest skiable glacier in Europe with 100 hectares of runs for beginners and pros between the altitudes of 3,600 and 3,200 metres.  Since last autumn 2017 the glacier has been equipped with snow making machines.

“Deux Alpes Loisirs, the ski lift company, is committed to preserve the glacier and guarantee good skiing conditions in summer,” a resort statement says.

The summer season begins with the second edition of the weekend long Les 2 Alpes outdoor festival which will bring together high-level athletes, enthusiasts and sports lovers who are keen to discover mountain activities.

You can try out all the latest activities or take part in various competitions in seven disciplines including MTB, trail, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, golf and paragliding, as well as alternative sports such as slacklining, waterlining, climbing or yoga.

Off the glacier this year Les 2 Alpes have spent €100,000 on a new slopestyle skatepark culminating in a bowl (a permanent module recessed into the ground, located between the street and the ramp) in the resort centre at an altitude of 1,600 metres.

The airbag park (airbag, drop bag) is also offering a brand new activity: launch yourself into the air on a donut-style rubber ring from a launch ramp and land safely on an airbag (crash mat).